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Hydronic Heating

Looking for an efficient, cost effective & environmentally friendly way to heat your home or business?

Hydronic heating by Overeem Hydronic Heating is the solution!

Exclusive to Overeem Hydronic Heating

Bosch Compress Air/Water Hydronic Heat Pump

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Energy Efficient Comfort

Environmentally Friendly Heating

High Quality Parts & Service

Stylish & Classy Parts & Accessories

NEW - Exclusive to Overeem Hydronic Heating

BOSCH Compress Air/Water Hydronic Heat Pump

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Overeem Hydronic Heating

How Heating Should Be

Tasmania's premier provider of heating, and your Southern Tasmanian Bosch climate partner.

Why Hydronic Heating?


Compared with reverse cycle air conditioning (heat pump) technology, hydronic heating can be far more efficient.

In fact, compared with central ducted heating as a method of heating a whole house, hydronic heating is estimated to be up to 35% more cost effective!


Hydronic heating can offer silent, efficient heating for your home or office space.

With hydronic heating, there are no noisy fans blowing air around, and constant, pleasant temperatures are delivered throughout the building.


Once you experience the constant warmth of a hydronic heating system with no cold drafts, no noisy fans, you'll be able to say that this form of central heating is the best form of heating there is.

Hydronic heating is silent, allergy free and better for the environment!


The level of customisation and control available with hydronic heating is almost limitless!

Using clever control system technologies, you can control the temperature of your home or office, and even make changes from your smartphone.

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Hydronic Heating by Overeem Hydronic Heating is the best way to heat your home or office. Providing energy efficient comfort, high quality parts & service, and with a huge product range, we can tailor a hydronic heating system that's perfect for you.

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